Ambassadors Methodology

CREAction 4 EU Ambassadors is an innovative training program, based on the successful experience of the New Media Ambassadors (NMA) Methodology created by GEYC in 2013, and constantly improved based on the constructive feedback of former ambassadors and on skills development of the team.

What's it about?

The methodology consists of virtual meetings through social media channels (e.g.: private Facebook group). Participants have access to relevant content posted weekly, networking (e.g: possibility to be part of a private international group of youth interested in developing their new media and social entrepreneurship competences), and weekly individual or group tasks (e.g.: individual reflections on the resources provided, individual research in a particular context, applying the tools in a specific context, brainstorming, creating a joint online campaign, etc.).

A gamified experience

The project includes gamification, participants receiving up to 7 points for successfully completing each weekly task. On a weekly basis, a ranking is published in the group based on the weekly results. Top 3 participants at the end of the programme are granted a “Magna cum laude” distinction and an online recommendation for their achievements. All programme graduates receive a certificate of completion.