Get to know the organisations who are working together in CREAction4EU!

Réseau Solidaire et Participatif, France

Association RESOPA (Réseau Solidaire & Participatif) : Solidary & Participative Network is a French organization that works with youth through non-formal education and international projects mobility on topics related to social inclusion, sustainable development and youth participation in community development.
For almost 2 years now, the Assosiacion has worked locally in the Auvergne region on several projects (workshops, public events also dubbed citizens’ cafés (“café citoyens”), group discussions including campaigns) to work on issues related to sustainability such as eco-friendly lifestyle, circular economy (recycling, upcycling, reuse etc.) as well as social entrepreneurship, social inclusion and local development. Our projects have been in partnership with local organizations, social entrepreneurs, city councils, student associations as well as reinsertion organizations who seek to socially include their members (youth) through various projects and activities.


“Group of the European Youth for Change – GEYC is a Romanian NGO whose mission is to empower young people to change their community.

  • Supporting and developing initiatives to encourage young people to be more active in the field of civic participation and to defend human rights in general through human rights education, intercultural learning and remembrance;
  • Promoting social networks and new media technologies, personal and professional development of young people and youth workers through digital literacy and access to online resources and tools;
  • Encouraging social, green and digital entrepreneurship by providing tools for young people and youth workers to increase their employability and competitiveness in the labour market;
  • Promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among young people and developing initiatives focused on social inclusion, gender equality and environmental conservation.


  • Educational projects (seminars, conferences, training, summer schools);
  • Intercultural projects (youth exchanges, study visits, networking events);
  • Research projects;
  • Challenges;
  • Raising awareness campaigns;


JO Education is an innovation hub active in Catania, Sicily, a bridge among business, society and research. The main aim of our not-for-profit organization is to create an ecosystem focused on innovation, joining talents, companies and other actors capable of pushing towards a smart development of society. As an informal aggregator of talents, the innovation hub aims to raise awareness of the importance of digital transformation and expand the local community of innovators. The spirit behind the innovation hub is the one of encouraging the alliance between technological innovation and the labour market by using digital tools and the presence in the territory. The concrete research-business collaboration aims at developing new skills, which involves research centres, local authorities, start-up incubators, investors, industrial players and universities. JO Education IT department is also provider of technologies for long-distance training, having strong experience on VET education and development of web-based solutions for collaborative learning and educational content management with a special focus on issues related to hard and soft skills development of disadvantaged and low skilled people.
Its European Project Office has more than 20 years’ experience in EU projects management and coordination (Erasmus+, H2020, ISF Police…).

InSite Drama Nonprofit Kft, Hungary

InSite’s vision is to facilitate facing the most pressing problems of our times through drama and to enable changes in understanding of individuals’ concerning their values and stance; so that they are able to act responsibly in society and become active agents of change. The organisation’s work affects primarily the youth and children age-group directly or indirectly. To achieve greater social impact we also work with teachers, decision makers, communities and higher education institutions.
The organisation works on an international level, primarily in Europe, but connecting to professionals worldwide. The organisation’s work is based in the field of theatre. Developing theatre in education and drama in education practices pioneered in the UK and the drama theory of Edward Bond, creating possibilities of dramatic engagement where participants can question their received cultural values and biases through situations, and make meaning of events freely to form their own values in relation to the problems under scrutiny. The core values underlying the organisation’s work is consciousness of aims in the implementation of the projects, responsible engagement in different communities’ dynamics, thorough evaluation of all processes and a many-sided approach to the matter at hand.